National Nurses Week: A salute to nurses at the forefront of COVID-19 fight


As an attendant no longer at the bedside, I am in wonder of the basic job that medical attendants wherever are playing at the bleeding edge of a world wellbeing emergency. We were unable to do this without these saints.

National Nurses Week and International Nurses Day, May 6 – 12, brings issues to light of the benefit of nursing and instructs about the job attendants play in addressing human services needs. This year it is significantly increasingly uncommon as the World Health Organization perceives 2020 as the “Time of the Nurse” to lift and praise the fundamental, powerful commitments of medical attendants.

Perceiving the basic commitments nurses play in accomplishing wellbeing for all

Nursing is the biggest gathering of human services experts in the different pieces of the world are assuming an imperative job in giving wellbeing administrations and taking a chance with their valuable lives for us all, so we can be free from any danger with our friends and family.

During the worldwide pandemic, they have become the saints thinking about patients who are seriously sick. Regularly investing the most measure of energy with patients, medical attendants watch out for every single patient need, including drawing blood, getting tests, giving oxygen and the sky is the limit from there. We can just envision how much this work has expanded with strongly wiped out COVID-19 patients.

With a huge number of passings in the U.S. due to coronavirus, medical nurses are the ones at the patient’s bedside ensuring they have however much solace as could be expected. I have been finding out about nurses who help patients Facetime with families before they are intubated. Nurses are holding patients’ hands as they experience their last minutes without their families being available.

Nursing is a craftsmanship and a science

Offering help to patients and their families is craftsmanship. Nursing and caring are grounded in a social getting, solidarity, and association between the expert medical caretaker and the patient.

Nursing includes the use of science through hypothetical ideas and logical research. Nurses decipher new proof and examination into the functional applications with patients. Innovation assumes a significant job in empowering effective work processes and best consideration rehearses. Like never before, attendants must depend on basic speculation to connect the workmanship and science together and settle on educated choices.

The ability and duty of attendants during the COVID-19 general wellbeing crisis make lifesaving contrasts each day. Much obliged to you to all attendants who are chipping away at the bleeding edges.


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