Non-government organizations – worth to count?

non government organizations

NGO’S or Non-Governmental Organization as the name suggest is a charitable sector providing free services to the needy ones. These kinds of organization have taken a major place in almost all the sectors around the globe. Do you know that there are almost more than 10 million Ngo’s in the whole world! Each country, state, cities or even districts have at least one Ngo in their locality. In India, there’s no reliable number of Ngo’s in the country as it hasn’t been monitored and regulated for a long period of time but it is said that there are roughly around 31 lakh Ngo’s in the country feeding on foreign aid, and this number is double than the total schools in the nation. This roughly translate that we have one NGO over 400 people in the country. So the main question which arises here is that, in a democratic country- do we really need such type of organizations?

Many of us may argue that non government organizations are initially required for the betterment and welfare of the society which to some extend sounds pretty understandable. Of course they help us combat poverty, illness, health issues, civil liberties, human rights and education, there are many good aspects of it and so is the dark side. This happens because NGOs are viewed as apolitical, socially accountable, and integrated to the society they aid. But this is something more of a fiction than reality. It has been noted that many Ngo’s rather than working on their charitable works are now interfering in local elections to bring forth their desired candidates for their specific agendas. Many NGO’S has no or very little concern for local customs and traditions, they force people to come out of their customs. Thirdly, they have no rules and regulations, and are not governed properly. This is the major reasons why NGO’S choose to work other than charitable activities- let’s say child abuse. Government has literally no control over their functions and the money flow. So, technically non-governmental organizations today is a multi-dollar business.  

What non government organizations feed on?

Of course on the foreign aid. Surprisingly lesser than 10 per cent of the NGOs have complied with submitting balance sheets and income-expenditure statements with the Registrar of their particular societies. Of around 30 lakh NGOs, only 2.9 lakh have submitted financial statements of their organizations. Assuming that if Ngo was a country, it would have the fifth largest economy worldwide! Such rising scale of NGO’s depicts the failure of the government in providing the true definition of a democratic state. Ngo’s as per today is a brilliant source of income, as they suck on government, get help from the citizens and work on foreign aids. Though they claim to be really helpful to the workers, citizens and whoever involved though how much transparency they have in their work- we already know the stats.

Apart from these cause, there lies another side where the NGO’s claiming to be a savior for sexual harassment victims turns out to be another culprit. During the flash of #MeeToo campaign, bunch of women came out accusing top most NGO’s of the state to be biased and gender insensitive. Women working in such non government organizations faced sexual as well as verbal harassment, which again adds up to the inaccuracy of the system. Now this clearly depicts the failure of the government at handling such issues. When ngo’s themselves choose not to be authentic how will the people rely on them for help?

What’s the need of having so many Ngo’s in the nation? They are just everywhere! If these organizations are meant to work for social welfare then what’s the need of living in a democratic state? The jobs which are meant to be done by the judiciary or the government shouldn’t get a push from such organizations because however they claim their services be like- we know that they are parasite for the developing society.  There’s a big question on the autonomy of NGO’S! Nobody is claiming that non government organizations are bad it’s just that they needs an urgent regulation, transparency on how they work is very important for the country to understand the sector properly.     


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