“One caste, one religion and one god for mankind”

a line said by Guru Narayana- is praised by everyone yet practiced by none. 

 India is a country with diversity yet unity, but the social evil of caste discrimination is quite a big norm in the country. But if we are talking about the caste system or what we say casteism, is not only practiced in India but all around the world. No country no region and no society is there who has not been a prey of this social taboo. The culture of each caste varies though they all belong to one religion. And this variation further brings differentiations which lead to casteism and communal hatred.

What is the biggest religion?

People in general belong to many social categories that could either be achieved, such as one’s profession, or inherited, such as one’s gender. You can understand casteism more clearly by following example, Muslim is a particular religion which is sub divided into two major groups ‘shia’ and ‘sunni’, further these groups are sub divided into multiple caste among which ‘Pathans’ are considered Superior and ‘Ansari’s’ are considered inferior regardless of the families financial and educational conditions (which was not exactly how it should be categorized). Additionally, the primary motive was to name each group but the occupation they perform back then lead into the superior and inferior scenario and since then this culture is prevalent. It is an overriding blind and supreme group loyalty that ignores the healthy social standards. The caste system as it exists today, is thought to be the result of developments during the collapse of the Mughal era and the rise of the British colonial regime in India. Because during that time the British used caste as a master card for their motive. They divided the nation and created communal hatred. And that is how the actual caste system molded in such a manner. Well if talk about on the global level the word casteism slightly molds into Racism. These two terms are slightly very similar and have an almost similar meaning. There are many countries where the ritual of categorizing untouchables as not equal to other castes, including Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan – as well the Buraku people of Japan, the Osu of Nigeria, and certain groups in Senegal and Mauritania who also suffer from caste-based discrimination. The prominence of caste among South Asian diaspora communities is also revealed which suggest that this evil does not only reside in India but all over the world. Race or casteism is an enduring concept that has molded our nation’s economy, laws and social institutions. It is a powerful idea created by our society to categorize the humans. Status is defined by the wealth and religion not the physical characteristics. Your skin colour, your looks your anything doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is your caste. And this is the most unfortunate and undisputed truth of India. Caste system today is the most vulnerable issue in India that is hard to eradicate all together. Thus we need a plan, a way that could slowly but steadily can help in eliminating this. And the only way according to me is molding our mentality towards a better direction. As all such evils reside only because we certainly is not giving much thought on our actions and the way how we think. We are planned or more specifically brought up in a manner that it shapes the way we think similar to the way a generation before thinks- so how do can we expect modernity if our thoughts itself are old schooled.

I don’t understand what kind of low self-esteem one has to prove themselves superior amongst their own. India is still a country of caste based atrocities. There is an urgent need to question and challenge the ground on which this thought got spread and support. Casteism is so strong in our nation that it’s almost infeasible to eradicate it. Prevalence of casteism shows that the people are tradition bound, conservative and orthodox in thinking. Casteism increases when a particular group tends to improve the status of its own caste. In fact, casteism is a threat to society and is nothing but just the violation of humanitarian traits. One caste one religion and one god for humanity is a line a phrase a sentence that holds a greater meaning in it. A meaning that is beyond the understanding of many. Things needs to be understood in a way that we actually act upon it. Let’s not let a saying be left as a saying but as a word that can create a better change. The caste system was actually introduced by the Aryans to assign certain professions to the people, it was not at all introduced for what we are doing with it today. We only have one divine religion and caste that is humanity and nothing else. The most major religion which should be practiced by each man alive is only humanity. If you don’t have that, you achieve nothing. That’s why we say we only have one god and one almighty and he don’t seek prayers he seeks actions, he don’t seek worships he seek love- so being a better human doesn’t mean devoted to the god but being devoted to the humanity. Even the word humanity consist of the word human, so what’s so complicated in understanding the whole so called ‘funda’? 


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