Psychopath- do you really know them?

Do you know how many mental disorders are there today? Or what kind of disorder, you actually are facing? And, most importantly do you even know that you have a condition? All these questions might make you furious but what if we tell you that you may be unknowingly dealing with one of them. This turns out to be more interesting when you know that there are actually 374 mental disorder out of which there are 200 defined disorders around the globe! It is also estimated that around 970 million people round the world suffers from such conditions. So you falling in this list might not be surprising. Let just get to know what define one as a psychopath and what discards one from the list.

So, what characteristics does a psychopath carries according to you?

Lack of empathy, guilt, conscience or remorse, shallow experiences of feelings or emotions, Impulsivity and a weak ability to defer gratification and control behavior? Something like this, or taking a little dramatic turn as callous, calculating and aggressive individual? These are medically proved bullet points that put you under the list of a psychopath. So, to counter these arguments there are certain clauses. Some of the clause says that lack of empathy or guilt might also be taken as the individual is more confident about the future, whereas defer gratification and control behavior can also be count as plus point that is leadership. Then there comes showing less feelings which may also be a sign that the individual is less affected by trivial emotions. There are numerous counter factors that nullify the characteristics of a psychopath. Moving away from this, we have a mental disorder named bipolar disorder. If you are a laymen, then bipolar disorder in easy words means having frequent and extreme mood swings. Yeah, exactly same as how a 5 year old kid is! Showing tantrums somehow drag that kid into the umbrella of having a bipolar disorder.

So is it like a false epidemic that is making people create a fuss out of normal reactions or these traits actually makes you a patient? Let’s check that out!

“Post-traumatic stress disorder, attention-deficit disorder, autism, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, personality disorder…” each with its own checklist of symptoms are there in the market. The list is so long that when you actually start going through them, you realize that each alphabet under itself carries a list of disorders! This is the harsh reality that goes down the lane of having few pages of mental health book back in 1960’s to having a thick booklet of hundreds of pages today. So where are we going wrong? The psychiatrist diagnosis is coming closer and closer to the boundary of normalization today! This has recently brought additional list of 37 new mental disorders into that booklet. Therefore this is what actually changing the scenario, where the world once stigmatizing mental disorder today is actually creating a buzz out of mental instability. Today it is significantly easier to prove that you are a psychopath than to prove that you are normal. Kids with tantrum issues are classified bipolar and introverts are considered depressed. But don’t worry these terms still won’t classify you as a psychopath.  

The brains of psychopaths are wired differently from yours and mine. Though psychopaths make up perhaps 1% of the population, their impact is profound. They are not only the sinister criminals but also the completely normal ones. They might be sitting next to you in a bus, maybe dancing with you in a bar or even be drinking coffee at Starbucks- it’s hard to identify them.  

It is very hard to discover the traits that makes one fall under the list, as the line between a healthy and an unstable mind is devilishly very hard to define. It’s like going back and forth between psychopaths all around and questioning the validity of psychiatrist diagnosis itself. The diagnosis, today, is turning a little faddish and may be this is the line where the grey zone lies- a zone which if repaired can fix the issue of differentiating a normal man and a psychopath.

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