Sex workers suffer during social distancing in India

Sex workers

Coronavirus has been proliferating around the world, and now it has started growing nationwide too. Therefore the lockdown has been extended for a few more days, which is causing several economic problems in India. It is very much clear that India has sacrificed its economy to save millions of lives, but be it sitting on higher levels or low levels, but then not everybody is talking about are on the higher edge of severe damage mentally and physically, none other than sex workers. For many of the sex workers around the nation are facing difficulties to survive the pandemic.

There are some 1.3 billion people in this country, and since March 25, India has been under the influence of lockdown to overcome the spread of COVID-19. Nobody is allowed to go outside until n unless it is very emergency and due to this situation people who survive on their daily wages have been facing a lot of difficulties to escape this social distancing and one of the categories of such people is “Sex workers”. It is quite difficult to ensure how the daily wagers or the informal sector of the country will fight back the current situation.

When we talk about Sex workers, there are nearly 5000 girls work as a prostitute only in the central of the country which is Delhi and have been depending on their daily life income, and surprisingly many of them live on rent around the state or on the GB road or nearby Red light area of Delhi.

And as everybody is aware that this disease is contagious, therefore there’s been a complete ban on their work from past one month now, and it is believed to continue in the future as there has been no affirmative action taken to overcome this virus.

Though some of the Non-government organization been gathering funds lately to support these sex workers in these difficult times. But is that enough? As of the reports say that many of the sex workers have returned to their hometowns to avoid suffering, but yet the problem doesn’t end here.

We can surely say that with the help of these funds, the problem can be handled for few days but this won’t last long and when this help ends what will these sex workers do to survive.

 The truth is that packed in claustrophobic cabins, many sex workers are left with no source of daily income, no food and definitely no precautions to fight back COVID-19.

Nobody tunes in to Sex Workers

A sex worker living in one such house of ill-repute, Rashmi (name changed), revealed to many news agencies that they are stuck in these messy passageways and specialists are carefully observing us.

“We can’t go down to purchase staple goods or meds. A considerable lot of us are debilitated however now we have no way to try and arrive at a specialist or call for help, not to mention wearing veils. The police don’t generally hear us out. We, at any rate, have minimal expenditure left. Also included that they don’t have the foggiest idea when this lockdown will get over. I wonder if we all will endure this,” Rashmi said.

A considerable lot of these sex workers went to the red light regions to get away from destitution. Presently, with business grinding to a halt, they end up in the centre of no place.

Alongside them, there are more than 200 youngsters at any rate 50 matured between multi-month to 1 year who are remaining without appropriate nourishment and sanitation.

‘In any event, spare our youngsters’

Another sex workers said she needed to remain back because of her one-month-old infant. Manjari (named changed) hails from a little town in the edges of Jharkhand.

The 30-year-old was constrained into tissue exchange when she was 21and has been living in the house of ill-repute from that point onward.

“A considerable lot of us figured out how to leave when the pandemic hit. Be that as it may, we were not so much made mindful of the arrangements or repercussions. When the lockdown was declared, the proprietors left, leaving us all alone without revealing to us anything appropriately,” Manjari said.

Sources said some sex workers are utilizing inventive approaches to offer their administration, similar to sex talk, significant distance sex and portable recordings and get paid through advanced instalment stages. 

Be that as it may, it’s a modest quantity of cash and the decent number of individuals is included. Don’t leave them to die alone. Support their efforts. Stay safe and stay home in India. 


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