Should politicians be educated?


Being an Indian and thinking about should politician be educated is an interesting topic. Because in here we have majority of uneducated politicians rather than the educated ones. But should a profession of politics require a minimum degree just like any other profession? Education is important, we all know this, but education is the only thing needed- is far from the initial question. Of course, unending patriotism towards the country is the basic priority but discarding education in its shadow doesn’t makes sense to me.

Educated politicians comes from educated children isn’t it? So we should first focus on the education of children of course but as the topic is should politicians be educated, so let’s just try to give you few reasons why or why not such so… first and foremost is decision making.

If a politician isn’t educated, how can he/she possibly make the best possible decisions?

That would be like taking a failing middle school student and placing them in charge of the student government. Chances are he would make terrible decisions because he doesn’t have the education needed to make better decisions. Okay I am not talking about all the cases here, good decision making needs experience but doesn’t it involve knowledge as well? Think by yourself. Education does not promise refined leaders as leaders are usually born. But education provides for one’s decision making skill and critical thinking as one learns to think beyond what one see or hears. The power of education allows one to realize the needs of the people and work towards it as it instills a certain level of purpose because of the level of awareness and responsibility that comes along with the purpose to give back to the society. Alright I know there would be many of you opposing me saying In a country like INDIA 80% of the population is not educated and more over if I say the politician should be educated it is not at all necessary and nowadays people are fed up of politicians with high academics we need a person who is HONEST and DEVOTED TO THE COUNTRY! Blah blah blah…But my answer to you is that- Is running a country of millions of people an easy task? We need skilled teachers to run a school, skilled workers to run a company then why don’t we need skilled people to run a whole damn country? Politicians need to be unbiased and neutral about subjects like religion and caste so as to prevent communal riots or brawls and enable the country to grow and compete with the world. And this mentality, Can only be achieved by someone who is educated about the requirements of the society while simultaneously being aware of their limits. I know in our democracy every citizen has a right to participate in election and that’s good but ultimately isn’t it us who choose whom to choose. Then why can’t we take rational decisions for the betterment of the country. It also depends on one caliber more than the education but in the end to take rationally correct decision at critical moments does need a strong brain functioning which is boosted by education only. There is a general conception that knowledge is not but wisdom is prerequisite to be a good leader. Knowledge is gathered from learning and education, whereas wisdom is gathered from day-to-day experiences and is a state of being wise. Now will it not be better if your day to day experience is gathered from corridors of schools and colleges rather than streets or elsewhere. Doesn’t this make an educated person automatically possess threshold level of wisdom required to serve a nation. One great message was circulated months ago on face book, read it may be you could understand the gravity of the problem.

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We look up to politicians to guide us and make proper and appropriate decisions. Politicians are the people who ultimately runs us- so a person with lesser knowledge than you can rule you, right? If yes, then you don’t have any right to complaint if your junior colleague is paid more than you. Because in the end it’s all about luck, who cares about the hard work? Less educated people can’t cope up with global changes and can’t easily accept the changing cultures. May be that’s why despite putting so much efforts in modernizing Indian mentality, a very few tends to accept it. May be that’s the reason why sex is still a taboo in the society. May be that’s why periods are still not meant to be accepted and maybe that’s why we still live under the burden of so many stereotypes. Only if it haven’t been this way- a still developing country could have been at least developed the inside ‘soch stories’.

Now think, judge and understand what your role in all this scenario is and what you can do about it. Personally if you ask me, the most basic step I would take would make sure to educate my child. Because ultimately these young generation are the one to run the country in future and who knows who’ll act as a future minister.


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