Stigmatizing the mothers who do sex work?


Sex is the only world that have been able to create an unusual hype among the debaters and when we talk about the women who do sex work- the topic turns out more offensive. Prostitutes or majorly the female prostitutes are always subjected to humiliation and disgust. They are isolated from all the major privileges of being in a society. But when we look at the mothers who do sex work to feed their babies- do we have any explanation for their act? Or do we really stigmatize them?

Who are sex workers?

Sex workers are the people working in sex industry. And now who are mothers? Mothers are the one who sacrifice themselves for the sake of their kids, they do all the major hard work to feed their babies and raise them. You might be wondering why we are talking about them in the first place and why the tone favors the positive aspects. So, let’s just start by talking about how we look at the sex industry? We see it as a male dominant industry, where only the trafficked women are trapped? Our second perception is that the sex workers lose their dignity. This could be majorly influenced by our perception of relation between pride as what’s good or bad. We have an invisible book of agenda stating the characteristics of a good pride. So it’s actually fascinating to realize that a person can be called as a bad person only due to their idea of ‘sex’. This has a lot do to with our cultural education, the spectra we decide for pride and dignity. To clear this myth, we not only need to know, but to understand that not all women are forced into this profession and some by themselves choose this as their desired labour. There are hundreds of women out there especially mothers who are doing this job to raise an income and thus to support their family. Not because they have to but because they wanted to. On the other hand, if we talk about other profession it’s very easy to step out of them and start afresh. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with sex workers as their life turns out to be even more traumatizing after stepping out of the profession. They are mostly subjected to humiliation and thus finds it extremely tough to get a hold of a new profession. Mothers engaged in sex work are often asked to quit the job for the sake of the children, and when they do so- nobody is willing to provide new opportunities. Even if they find one, they are forced to keep their ex profession a top most secret as exposing it may invite intolerance. Which suggests that intellectuals, the self- proclaimed progressive people think that sex work is antithetical to having children and such women are not considered as a good parent. And this turns out that such mothers and their kids are not protected.

To counter this we need to show that sex work is just another work among many. May be that’s why the term ‘Sex Work’ was coined- which itself makes the profession like any other work. It’s time to teach our children that bodily labor has nothing to do with bodily work. We need to stop categorizing women as bad and good. People around the world have been using the phrase- ‘good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere’. You must be also familiar with the phrase that say- ‘one good girl is worth 100 bitches’. This sounds like the bad girls are trash- disposable, and the good girls are keepers. This mentality has to change to pave way for appreciating the mother-kid relationship and discard the influence of the profession on to it.


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