Tallest of the Century – Hussainabad Clock Tower of Lucknow

clock tower

The clock tower at the General Post Office (GPO) in Lucknow isn’t the just one for which the time isn’t right. Other check towers in the city also are stuck in time, featuring the powerlessness of the divisions worried about saving the city’s rich legacy, goading requests for their reclamation. 

Lucknow has around five clock towers—Hussainanabad Clock Tower, one at Central Bank in Hazratganj, Aminabad, Hamid Clock Tower at City Station, and the one at the GPO. Be that as it may, practically every one of the tickers, students of history stated, had either quit ringing or were lying dead.

Of these, Hussainabad Clock Tower, a copy of the famous Big Ben in London, is the most superb. The open timekeeper was worked by Nawab Nasir-ud-racket Haider at the expense of Rs 1.75 lakh in 1882-87 to stamp the appearance of Sir George Cooper Bart, the principal Lieutenant-Governor of the then United Provinces of Agra & Oudh. “James William Benson, the then clockmaker to the Queen of England and producers of the observed Big Ben was granted the agreement, and Major Norman MT Horsford of the Bengal Staff Corps managed the development work,” said Yogesh Praveen, a city-based student of history.

Trucking substantial apparatus and introducing the immense cast-iron ringers at a tallness of 220 ft inside the clock tower itself was quite tricky. With the Moorish vault on the top, the clock was made entirely of chime metal imported from London. Each side of the check is 13 ft in width, with bloom formed dials and petals 3 ft in breadth. The moment hand is 6 ft long and hour hand 4.5 ft. It is likewise said that its chimes used to deliver a sound that could be heard over the length and thickness of the city. 

 Tragically, this clock tower, in spite of being of extraordinary legacy esteem, isn’t on the insurance rundown of the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) and is lying old. Authorities of Hussainabad and Allied trust (HAT) said the clock tower quit working totally in 1984.

The locale organization started an endeavor to begin the check-in 1999, yet fizzled. In 2004, another attempt to reestablish the clock was made; however, it likewise was futile, as the individual employed for the activity fled with its essential parts. In 2009 HAT made another endeavor to reestablish the timekeeper and reached an Anglo-Swiss Company for a reason, yet the organization’s legitimate said the clock couldn’t be fixed as its parts were absent. 

In 2010, the region organization chose to supplant the clock. Be that as it may, by then, it was drawn nearer by Akhilesh Agarwal and Paritosh Chauhan, who approached to make one final endeavor. On April 13, 2010, they started working and had the option to make the ancient clock practical by October 28, 2010. At last, on September 13, 2011, they made the monster clock tower toll after a quiet of 27 long years.

Be that as it may, it went quiet again following a couple of years. Correspondingly, the other clock towers are likewise lying dead. Legacy fans here requested their rebuilding, saying they shaped a significant piece of the city’s legacy and ought to be saved money on need premise. 

“Clock towers are a piece of our legacy. How might we choose to disregard their sorry state? The state government or the offices concerned should take legal measures to reestablish the open timekeeper,” said S Mohammed Haider, a legacy lobbyist.


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