The Feeble Unanswered Cries Of Neelu


A horrific case reported in the national capital Delhi on Saturday depicts the harsh reality of the phoney world. A woman was stabbed to death by her own husband at a busy market area in broad daylight. This incident is morally painful because the scene was watched by many yet they refused to step forward and save her. If this isn’t brutal enough, know that the husband stabbed the lady 25 times more after she died. Why? In a fit of rage!

This incident raised a range of questions-

What was her mistake? She chose her career.

Why was it ok not to interfere?  Because she was HIS wife.

Why took videos yet no action? Because he had a knife and WhatsApp masala is important.

Why stabbed viciously? Because the man was in a fit of rage.

Was this relational abuse justified? Yes because she was his property and he had every right to torture her.

What kind of senseless yet relentless rage is this? When it comes to such men, there’s no boundary for brutality and it’s okay for him to cross any damper he wishes to.

The scenario of such repeated incidents has become so habitual for us. Every day we wake up to yet another atrocity; if it’s minor- nobody notices if it’s mediocre- share a story, if it’s major- goes to the rally, that’s it- full stop! Do you know what happens after that? The same story the next day! That’s our reality, people are becoming so smeared and malicious that a life of a being is nothing in front of the desires they own. 

Neelu Mehta’s mistake was that she prioritized her needs. The fact that a woman is not allowed to lead her life is so miserable. Even when she steps up, her life is endangered by her own family. Being killed by a person who vowed to protect her for the rest of her life not only depicts our malign characters but also how easy it is to oppress women. Do you know that 40% of women in India are not allowed to choose their careers and 78% still remain as housewives?

Why Did We Fail As A Society?

The footage showed numerous people passing by in their cars, scooters, and bike, yet nobody showed courage to stop him. A worker was also seen walking by with a hammer- doing nothing. It shows that women are still considered second-class citizens and our society has no interest in dealing with the issues that affect them. Domestic violence is an everyday story, and it’s an issue for women themselves to handle. It’s the responsibility of the woman to not get beaten, murdered, raped, or assaulted by ensuring that the actions they take are confined to the norms projected by society. The story of Neelu Mehta doesn’t only scare us from her husband but also from the society that didn’t act. The idea of women being owned is what igniting such evils in the country to flourish. Upon marriage, why is it ok for men to claim their wives as their property? The irrationality of Indians to deem the women as their property is the regressive practices and customs that we have been following for ages.


Can We Expect Justice?

Both political will and the Justice system have failed the women of India. The police system has failed to protect its citizens. The judiciary has failed to give justice to such brutal rapes and murders. The parliament has failed to introduce sane laws. Remember, that the rapist of Nirbhaya got the death penalty after seven years of the incident! If women empowerment and equality are to be achieved in general, legal reforms alone are not enough. We need support from men of our nations, and I want to emphasize the ‘good men’. These are not just women issues but a collective issue of humanity, and if you are thinking that women should act then know that we already are. If women alone could have solved the issue, they would have done it the very first day it originated. Men need to rethink the norms and learn to know the difference between right and wrong.

I believe if there are men like Harish Mehta, there are also men like Harish Sadani or Arunachalam Muruganantham who believe that ‘her Feminism is his too’. Men and women together can only stop this evil to flourish in our country because together we can make a difference!


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