The ‘Hill Escapade’ That You’re Looking For – Karighatta!


If you are planning to explore the inner beauty of India, it is always preferable to schedule a visit, as India is a country of diversity and where diversity exists, you get a lot number of culture and huge variety in culture brings various traditions and rituals, and more of that the soulful beauty live in the land you are going explore in this article.

It is not to mention that Karnataka is one the most beautiful state in India, and there is situate Karighatta, on the outskirts of Bangalore-Mysore highway just before the Srirangapatna which is located in the Karnataka state of India. Karighatta is a beautiful hill, which is a few kilometers away and located in the outsides of the ‘Island’ town of Srirangapatna.

The little and excellent hillock goal of Karighatta offers only the ideal puzzling yet curious supernatural quality alongside a touch of an exciting experience. Riding or trekking on the winding street prompting this spiritualist slope is an encounter to observe. It offers unfathomable picturesque perspectives on the encompassing scene.

This view includes grassy patches of prairies and rich green knolls, tamarind, gooseberry and mango trees that are found in the thick woodlands coating of the Mysore Chamundi Hill, first segments of Srirangapatna, influencing paddy fields, coconut trees, channels and captivating perspectives on different slopes like Kunti betta. The spot is honoured with abundant vegetation and intriguing stone developments too. 

The notice of Karighatta can be followed back to antiquated writings like the Varaha Purana where the name of this slope town has been alluded to as Neelachala or Blue mountains.

Situated at an elevation of 2,697 feet above ocean level and ignoring the intersection of waterway Cauvery and its tributary stream Lokapavani, Karighatta: Black Hill is packed with serene lakes and sloping geography and is ideal for flying creature watching aficionados, trekkers, and nature sweethearts or easygoing occasion searchers. The unsettling hints of the Lokapavani make a sweet clamour as it streams past the bright blossoms and greenery, which expands the otherworldly atmosphere and heavenly pith of this spot.

Major Attraction – Karighatta Temple

Karighatta Temple or the Srinivasa Temple is one of the renowned sanctuaries of Karnataka, and the perspectives from here are totally dazzling. The primary divinity of this sanctuary is a type of Lord Vishnu called Karigirivasa. Locally the deity is additionally alluded to as Lord Srinivasa or Bairagi Venkataramana. The subsequent name has been inferred because of the way that when the god is enlivened with blossoms, he is said to resemble a homeless person or Bairagi. Local people accept that lovers, who perform pooja or customs here, can realize a constructive change in their lives and be soothed of their difficulties. 

You can either arrive at the strict site by climbing 450 stages or by taking your vehicle to go up the winding street that paves the way to this sanctuary. Its passageway is set apart by large wooden entryways that lead to the first hallowed place. The quadrangular sanctuary complex is enormous and all around kept up and houses the original icon. The great symbol of Lord Vaikunta Srinivasa stands 6-feet tall is made of dark stone. Flanked by the symbols of Yoga Srinivasa and Bhoga Srinivasa, the primary icon in the place of worship is said to be introduced by Sage Brigu.


There is a different monstrous statue of Garuda, the mount of Lord Vishnu, otherwise called Garudasthambha confronting the principle symbol and a different Sanctorum of Goddess Padmavathi, an associate of Lord Srinivasa. The sanctuary additionally encases a Kalyana Mandapa or marriage lobby, which is generally utilized by local people for performing relationships and different strict capacities. The Dravida style of engineering is reflected in the extraordinary form of Gopurams and Kalashas inside the sanctuary. 

The Karigirivasa Temple takes on a totally lively structure during the yearly Rathotsava and customary vehicle celebration that is held every year in the long periods of Kumbha Masa Phalguna (February and March). The party is said to have been started by sage Vaikhanasa from as right on time as the Treta Yuga and is gone to by countless pioneers from over the district. 

The land close to the sanctuary complex is spotted with ample since a long time ago stemmed grass (E cynosuroides), otherwise called ‘Darbe’. According to legend, Lord Vishnu during Varaha symbol arrived on this slope and shook his body, and a portion of his hair fell here, which later developed into these sharp Darbe.

This since quite a while ago stemmed grass is utilized for a large part of the Hindu customs and offered as prasadam rather than blossoms to fans who come here. Throughout the late spring months, these grasses evaporate and turn dim dark coloured because of the over the top warmth.

This renders the whole slope a smoky dark appearance which gives the hill its name Karighatta: The Black Hill. 

Different attractions 

The hillock and the restricted valleys through which the Cauvery and River Lokapavani stream has been highlighted in a few Kannada and Tamil movies and TV serials inferable from the enrapturing sees. The waterways and its little tributaries stream at a quick speed along the thin valleys and are encompassed by trees and various small places of worship up and down the bank. The eastern piece of the slope offers a path with gigantic rocks and trees that leads right to the summit and gives the ideal spot to the experience searchers, nature lovers, and shutterbugs. 

Among the untamed life spotted here are panthers and deer and different types of flying creatures and butterflies that can be seen in various pieces of the slope, which makes it a treat for natural life and flying monster watching fans. 

The spot is likewise well known for catching the stunning brilliant nightfall. At the point when the sun goes down at night, the well-known Sunset Point on the slope, which turns the whole skyline bright red with patches of mists and mirrors the shiny surface of the streams, is an absolute necessity visit. The superb sight will stay dug in your psyches until the end of time. 

It isn’t merely a religion that pulls in guests to this delightful dwelling place the grand excellence and vivid experience near nature that draws travellers from neighbouring urban areas like Mysore (25 kilometres) and Bangalore (126 kilometres) over for the ideal end of the week escape.

Travel Tips

Make a point to cover your head and convey enough drinking water if you intend to stroll up the slope. Additionally, if you need to appreciate the all-encompassing perspective on the hill and see the beautiful flying creatures from lacking elbow room, remember to convey a binocular along. As this spot offers many insta-commendable minutes carrying a camera is an absolute necessity to catch the fantastic magnificence of this spot. 

A visit to Karighatta:

The Black Hill isn’t only for the individuals who are strictly disposed of however for any individual who is watching out for unique normal ponders in India. Words can’t really portray the inclination one gets when you at long last show up on this slope and get a look at the captivating perspectives and the quiet feel. Regardless of whether you are an independent voyager, nature sweetheart, strict lover or on a family trip Karighatta on the banks of stream Lokapavani is a perfect spot to visit and investigate.


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