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The idea of being a grim reaper?

The idea of a grim reaper has been in existence since centuries, every religion, culture and nation on this planet has an imaginary figure of an angel of death. The usual description we get in mind is of a skeleton like body, covered with black robe, hoodie and carrying a scythe in their hands. This scythe generally refers to a weapon used to rip the human soul out of the body. They are considered to be a brutal character who is destined to kill. People all around the world get frightened with the idea of a grim reaper. In every mosque, church, and temple the first prayer done is to stay away from the angel of death. They are never welcomed and always criticized when a life is lost. Among all this a very few attention goes to the opinion of the grim reaper itself. Have you ever given a thought of the idea of being a grim reaper? If not, it’s time to look at the different perspective of life and understand why a grim reaper is also known as an angel, no matter if it’s an angel of death.

Moral conflict between life and the grim reaper

To understand about the moral conflict between life and the grim reaper, we first need to understand about the origin of this particular character. The character or the idea of a grim reaper appeared somewhere in Europe in around 14th century when the continent was hit with a major pandemic of plague. It was a time when the deaths by plague were considered black deaths. It was estimated that almost one third of the Europe’s population was perished under the pandemic. It was a major life crises moment that bear greater sufferings and losses. It took a number of lives thus the death fear among the survivors were different from others. So, it’s not much surprising that people came up with such a lethal figure representing the angel of death. As Life and Death watched time go its course, and collected lives as well as gave lives the idea of a grim reaper that came along is understandable.

grim reaper

But you must wondering why this creepy skeleton image? Well, why not? Skeleton is a symbol of dead which represent a decayed body. Whereas the robes were reminiscent of the robes that the funeral priest of that time used to wear. The scythe on the other hand is being inspired by the harvest season. In agriculture during harvesting, such a tool is used to cut out the planet- so the scythe came from there. Just like grown plants were plucked out of the field, the same way a human life is also plucked of this world.

Talking about the moral conflict of a grim reaper, things revolves around acceptance. Many religions believe that the grim reaper is responsible to look after the souls after the death of a person which of course he is, the only problem is that it is considered as a psycho evil carrying the souls of the dead to the spiritual world. Rather than imagining him in a figure that looks after the dead, people somehow had made him responsible for the death. Maybe that’s why he is not welcomed, praised or appreciated. But let’s look this from a different space, from the perspective of the grim reaper. What does it feel to be a grim reaper? This is totally based on personal opinions, but there are few areas where we can look out more about it.

Nobody likes mourning the dead, it’s a depressing job that comes along with a definite incentive of criticism. Imagine being in a situation where you haven’t murdered someone still you are being morally blamed for the murder? Would you like it? Definitely not! It’s as heartbreaking as it sounds. We fails to recognize that he is the one taking care of our loved one after death, when nobody from this world could be there to accompany them, the grim reaper stood beside them helping their way out to the heaven. It’s not a dark job as it seems to be, it’s a noble job that is hidden under the blanket and hatred and prejudice. How much must it have been for a grim reaper to bear all the hatred and still wear a smile on his face to do his job consistently? All this debate leaves us with a questions that, If we were to become a grim reaper for a day, how would we choose to be treated?                 

It’s not the fear of grim reaper that makes us hate him, it is the regret of not have been able to live a life we wanted to that makes us hate him. Morality and death doesn’t go hand in hand. Death is the only reality of life and it is inevitable.  Life is a complicated thing, just from the moment you are born, your death comes in handy and with complete uncertainty. Nobody knows when they are going to die, you may live 100 of years or even die the very next moment- this is the only thing that doesn’t comes with predictions. Fearing the death, or the angel of death won’t let you escape it, it will come to you if not today then definitely tomorrow. Love as much as you can, care more than you do now and cherish your loved ones as if there’s no tomorrow. Do not fear grim reaper, instead try to live such a life that when you die, you can’t stop telling your stories to the grim reaper all along your way to heaven!

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