The story of women working at nightclubs!


Parties and dance! Music and drinks! And of course the booze! Nightclubs come up as number one attraction to youngsters when it comes to living life, having fun and partying like a pro! As fun as it may sound, there is a lot more that add up to such nightclubs. These glamorous seeming nightclubs has millennium partakes on its hand. We can divide every aspect into pointers like amazing music, meeting the most popular people in the house, coolest DJs ever to socialize and obviously mouthwatering delicacies. You go there and get lost in the cozy vibe and the ambiance this places has to offer. The lights replenish your heart with amusement to the core bottom of your desires. You get to meet all kind of people – the hotties, the pro dancers, the drunken sentimental, the perverts, and the philosophers, the ones who do not give a shit and then come the most important ones, the ones who work there. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the staff of the nightclubs.

The life inside Nightclubs!

You might have thought about it, or maybe not, about how it feels to work at a nightclub. The clubs are cool no doubt, but the staff unfortunately is not very happy to be working there. The humble women you see at the washroom or the bouncers you met at the door isn’t having a very nice time there (to be honest). These people come across new people every day, all kinds. And sometimes it becomes very hard to deal with a lot of guests during the hours. Where on one hand girls just want to be friends with the staff to be allowed to enter, the rest of the visitors turn out to be very disturbing. The visitors might not notice, but there are cameras installed in every section of the club to notice what they are doing. Some people just head to the washrooms and create big mess. Every 2 out of 20 people goes to the washrooms just to puke and do not even pay attention to what they had done or clean it up as an option. It’s as simple- no one really cares! The women in-charge has to clean this mess every night continuously. Counting how many times? Definitely not a question! This work is indeed very irritating, but astonishingly they keep doing it without a frown. The people bring their emotional outbursts to the in-charge and to your surprise; they deal with them very politely. Though this isn’t the case with all the nightclubs but majority of them do have this advantage.

“They act as the sole saviors for the girls who are present at the place, as long as they are there. They take care of their belongings and return the same to them if they lose something. They never try to swipe things.” Said one of the club manager.

Being a woman especially in India, where poverty is sucking lives out of people, is definitely a hard luck. Many females willingly go to night duties without a pause just to earn some extra bucks. It is hard to imagine that their kids sleep alone at home while their mother is outside making money is such a tragedy. They do this to earn their livelihood and sometimes are the only breadwinners of the family. Now, many of us fails to consider it much important to mention the primary difference between different states or different races these women comes from. They give utmost importance to who you are. It is so because they know exactly how to make one feel comfortable in their company and why not? They speak and act very precisely.


On being asked if they are paid well, since they are working in night shifts is a big NO. The major response is that the salary they get is not sufficient to satisfy even basic human needs. Now, here’s exactly where the question arises. The point is, why can’t people be paid according to the work they offer? Most of us have this perception that the women working in this field are not much educated and thus do not understand the basic differences. However, that’s entirely not the case! To you surprise, like every brown for us is a South Indian, luckily for these women, they know the difference between Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam etc. This is how these women who are mostly uneducated, act in better and more disciplined ways than the rest of us. Also not to forget mentioning the way these women address, putting some light on how they talk. Well, they are extremely humble and are always willing to help whether one is tripping or puking. In addition, they never forget to address one with utmost love and respect, which we on the other hand certainly lack in our concise.

This happens majorly because of the fake illusionary social status hierarchy we have created in this society. According to which poor are undignified, emotionless humans whereas the rich enjoys the freedom of everything from top to bottom? In this chaos one thing that we all tends to forget is that, freedom is everyone’s right. It is high time now, people shouldn’t look down on others because of their low social status. We should acknowledge the effort and humanity such people has to offer and learn the same from them. Because this is how a society works, isn’t it?  


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