The Top 7 Weekend Getaways from Pondicherry, India


Pondicherry has a lot of activities and sees that will keep you occupied for a considerable length of time. In any case, in case you’re situated in the previous French capital of India and looking for a fast getaway, there are bunches of intriguing goals inside simple reach. Here is a portion of the top end of the week excursions from Pondy, offering everything from verifiable and structural jewels to seashores and natural life.


Situated on the Coromandel Coast along the Bay of Bengal, Mahabalipuram is an ideal escape for otherworldly searchers and seashore darlings the same. The most well-known traveller locate is the UNESCO World Heritage Group of Monuments that includes a few complicatedly cut sanctuaries and rock-slice landmarks going back to seventh and eighth hundreds of years.

The Five Rathas and the Shore sanctuary are the significant spots of intrigue, and you should see the carvings on them that keep on stunning guests right up ’til the present time. Another significant sight is the Krishna’s Butterball, which is a colossal characteristic stone that lays on a slope, evidently resisting all laws of gravity.

Following a day out touring, head to the seashore – an extended length of white sand edging the quiet waters, bookended by casuarina trees, making it a beautiful spot to go through a loosening up the night. Here, you can likewise get dynamic with exercises like water sports, including surfing, vessel rides and remote ocean angling.

Distance from Pondicherry: 99.1km (61.5 miles)


One of the notable coastline towns, Pulicat is home to Fort Geldria, which was the main Dutch fortification in the nation, worked in 1613. Notwithstanding that, there are a few structures and holy places that represent the Dutch and Portuguese impact in the district. Essentially walking its roads and shorefront punctuated with pilgrim time structures will be a pleasure for any design or history buffs, while nature darlings won’t be frustrated either.

There is the Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary, which is the nation’s second-biggest saline water tidal pond. It is especially known for its photogenic more prominent flamingos, alongside a few transitory winged animals that run to its shores among October and March. You can likewise visit the close by towns of Nelapattu and Vedurupattu, the two of which are honoured with plenteous nature and beautiful scenes.

Distance from Pondicherry: 215.4 km (133.8 miles)


Only a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Pondicherry, you’ll discover the fortress town of Vellore that has now become an instruction centre with some first-class tertiary establishments. Notwithstanding, its appeal lies in its chronicled and engineering treasures, most remarkably the Vellore Fort that goes back to the sixteenth century, delineating the eminence of various realms that have governed over it.

The fortification’s complex masterful specifying is very amazing just like the immense defences and a wide canal. The fortress contains a mosque, a congregation, a sanctuary and a few different structures. Nonetheless, the most striking of all is the Jalagandeeswarar sanctuary that stands apart with its shocking models. Another celebrated fascination is the Sri Lakshmi Golden Temple, which is encompassed by water, and flaunts complicated carvings and a bar of gold outside, consequently making it famous among otherworldly searchers and design devotees the same.

Distance from Pondicherry: 165.9 km (103 miles)


Thanjavur is around four hours drive away from Pondicherry and is a famous goal for strict and social the travel industry with people of South India. However, its rich history, shocking conventional engineering, regal royal residences, excellent compositions, neighbourhood workmanship and handiworks, and marvellous paddy fields make Thanjavur an ideal end of the week choice for a voyager. Must-visit sights incorporate the seventeenth century Thanjavur Maratha Palace, and the eleventh-century Brihadeeswarar sanctuary that is enhanced with divider artistic creations of Nayak and Chola periods.

The individuals who need to dive profound into the city’s noteworthy past may visit the Saraswathi Mahal Library that houses in excess of 30,000 European and Indian original copies, many composed on palm leaves. Workmanship sweethearts should visit the Rajaraja Chola Art Gallery that highlights a tremendous assortment of bronze and stone pictures and compositions from ninth to 12 centuries. Make a point to look at the Thanjavur compositions (traditional South Indian work of art style) – they make for an ideal gift.

Distance from Pondicherry: 165.8km (103 miles)

Tranquebar (Tharangambadi)

Situated along the Coromandel Coast in Tamil Nadu, Tranquebar is an interesting town that was once home to the Danes. To a great extent unfamiliar by guests, this town brags a critical focus on Danish engineering. This incorporates Fort Dansborg that goes back to the seventeenth century, New Jerusalem Church, Zion Church, and Rehling’s House that had a place with the Danish governor’s route back when. History buffs will likewise need to visit the Tranquebar historical centre that houses Danish original copies, artefacts and relics that goes back to the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Laid-back voyagers will likewise be intrigued as they can unwind on the stone strewn seashore that flaunts quiet waters, which additionally makes it ideal for swimming.

Distance from Pondicherry:116km (72 miles)


One of the mainstream ends of the week trip alternatives is Chennai, which is about three hours drive from Pondy. Regardless of whether you’re a culture searcher, history buff, a seashore bum or an experience fans, there is something available for everybody. Shopaholics and gathering individuals are additionally not forgotten about in this city, as there are a lot of shopping centres, swap meets and dance club to investigate.

Look at our 48-hour manual for making the best of your Chennai trip, from looking at the verifiable artful culminations to lazing around on the seashore and absorbing the neighbourhood environment at the road markets. Also, obviously, don’t leave without attempting the bona fide Chennai passage that is reasonable for vegans and meat-eaters the same.

Distance from Pondicherry: 169.9km (105.5 miles)


Situated around four-and-an a large portion of hour’s drive from Pondy, Yercaud is an incredible escape where immaculate nature and outside air wins. Voyagers can wonder about the stupendous Killiyur Falls, trek to the Yercaud slopes and appreciate the all-encompassing perspectives on the slope station, take a voyage through the espresso ranches, investigate the Bear’s Cave (that was once viewed as the home of bears), or take to the waters of Emerald lake by leasing a pontoon. An unmissable spot is the National Orchidarium and Botanical Garden that houses a few types of widely varied vegetation. Obviously, it’s a perfect spot for naturalists, trekkers and untamed life darlings the same.

Distance from Pondicherry: 236.7km (147 miles)


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