There’s no food scarcity!

food scarcity

Well don’t be misled by the heading- there is of course a rise of concerning food crises but that’s not because of food scarcity. Food scarcity is not and never was a matter of concern. World crying about doubling food production is actually another golden step towards food wastage. We already are having more than enough food than we need. The only problem is that we are not managing it the way it should be and that’s why some are flooded by food while other starve for a single bread piece.

The truth is that we have enough food on our food shelves and we are not even recognizing it. Do you know India harvested a record 284.8 million tonnes of food grains in 2018 and surprisingly we wasted up to 40% of it! So what happened as a consequence was that the basic human need ‘food’ became a luxury. And when this happened, sadly, almost half of the country went to bed unfed and over the night there were storming headlines of food scarcity. According to FAO, 194.4 million people are malnourished in India. By this measure, almost 14.5% of the population in the country is undernourished! According to a report, India waste INR 244 Crore worth of food per day. So now all of it makes sense, isn’t it?

Why do we have have this illusion of food scarcity?

Do you know that Indians waste food total to what whole US consumes, and still you’ll say we are not at fault? Our streets, bins, and landfills are sufficient to prove the alarming food wastage of the country. Apart from this a shocking research shows that half of the food that is wasted is totally fit for human consumption. Have you ever seen any shop selling sandwich with the crust bread? No right! That crust bread is totally fit for human consumption but still we choose to waste it. Then we have restaurants where everything is cooked in bulk and when the stuff is not finished, where did it end up? In the bins of course. Then we have no proper storage systems to many of the farmers so most of their produce is wasted due to inappropriate storage. Then the market demand of course, we want vegetables and fruits in proper shape, anything that falls out of perfection is thrown away. That’s why farmers throws bins of potatoes that are just not good in shape. Another hit! So basically food is wasted even before it leaves the farms. Then comes our household, we cook food for the whole family and then suddenly decides- let’s have lunch outside. Where did your cooked food end up? It’s thrown away. Well that’s not the case with everybody but a margin does do that. THE BIG INDIAN WEDDING! Who doesn’t know how much food is wasted in a wedding? So it’s like everybody is contributing their part in food wastage.               

Well in reality there was a sparkling food wastage that is just not accepted by anyone. And yea, we understand not everyone has the strength to accept their mistakes but now when it’s became a national concern, if not speaking out- we can just fix it. We have to shift from the management model of what we have today towards a more dynamic and sustained model. It is our only escape, because even if we double our food production, at this wastage speed, we cannot even imagine to feed the population of 133.92 crores. Though government is doing commendable job in food management by providing free storage to the farmers, introducing food management techniques, rising awareness and many more. But we on our hand should also do enough because change starts with our own. We have to turn this crises into an opportunity to make a difference. And here’s how you can do this.

We just have to shift towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle which includes food DIYS’s! Yes, this idea is pretty interesting and money minded. What you can do is simply reuse your left over food and that cannot be learned better than Indian mothers. They know how well they can reuse simply everything. Even the rotten can be diy for other well purposes. Apart from this plan your meal for the entire week all at once, so that you won’t end up buying extra food. Order as much as you need, don’t crave over varieties. Give away your waste food before it gets rotten. If you are not planning to eat your today’s left over food tomorrow, just go and give it to the beggars outside. This way you are making sure that someone is going to bed full. These are the most primary steps that we all can take to make a bigger difference. Food is everyone’s need so managing it is also everyone’s duty. Manage it today or regret tomorrow.


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