Top 5 Best Places in Kerala to Lay Your Eyes Upon!

Heaven lies in Kerala

State covered with the Western Ghats on the east side and the Arabian Sea on the west side, this beautiful land is the charming South Indian destination known as Kerala. There is so much to explore in Kerala from palm tree-fringed eye-catching beaches of Kovalam and Varkala to the impressive beauty of the ripple hills of Munnar and Vagamor. 

Kerala is a small terrain, but it holds the diverse culture and geographical features which will blow your mind and force you to visit again to the city also referred to as the God’s city i.e. 

Kerala has a mesmerizing beauty of nature with wildlife sanctuaries both merges here in such a way that you will always want to visit here again and again.

Below are the top most visited 5 best places by worldwide tourists in Kerala; you must visit with your dear ones and these places welcome you with wide-open arms in all the seasons of the country but most favorable time to visit these places is between  November to February. Drop your eyes down the article to plan a trip to Kerala.

5) Thiruvananthapuram:


Thiruvananthapuram is the capital city of the Indian state Kerala, also known as Trivandrum. Mahatma Gandhi also refers to this city as the evergreen city if India located on the West coast of India. There are many places to explore here; some are Priyadarshini Planetarium, Kuthiramalika, Kanakakunnu Palace, and many more with busy commercial alleys. Experience the beauty of nature by visiting this place one.

4) Kochi:

        Kochi is formerly known as Cochin, which is located in the Ernakulum district. It is one of the important seaports of India. Kochi is India’s one of the wide choice of tourists in Kerala. And it is also an immense place for people who are a shopaholic. There is a saying by the famous 13th-century traveler aptly who remarked: “if China is a place where you make money, then Cochin is undoubtedly the place where you spend it. There are many places to explore in Cochin, such as Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. You must visit with friends, family, or loved ones.

3) Munnar: 

          Munnar is the most beautiful city of Kerala, also known as the Kashmir of South India, which is located on the surface 1600 feet above the sea level. Munnar is one of the most beautiful and amazing hill stations in Kerala. Munnar attracts more travelers as it is the most popular travel destination among both domestic and foreign travelers and explore its natural beauty. Most spotted places by travelers in Munnar are Eravikulam National Park, which is also under consideration of UNESCO. It is located on the Western Ghats in district Idukki in Kerala. Explore the place with your loved ones and make your trip memorable with the beauty of Munnar.

 2) Thekkady: 

Thekkady is said to be the most amazing and best place in Kerala to observe wildlife and live nature. For a first time traveler, it is a dream destination place in Kerala where you can see from Indian Elephant to the great Indian Tiger living their life together. Watch birds, butterflies, and other animals in the protection of the guide. This place has all wild animals. And mostly Lion-tailed macaques are common in sight-seeing. This wildlife sanctuary is known as Periyar Tiger Reserve wildlife sanctuary. Visit to explore the core heart of Kerala.

1) Alleppey:

Alleppy is famous for its backwater trips amazingly organized on houseboats. This place always comes on top of the to-do list of all travel lovers, as it is the best destination of Kerala. Alleppy offers you the trip to heaven on houseboats, which you cannot find anywhere else on the globe. There are many more places to visit and explore here, not just the boathouse. Temples, beaches, churches, etc. visit ones and get a chance to observe the beautiful landscape areas below the water level.

Take Away:

Kerala is a sure destination to magnify your expectations from the places you must be planning to pick from the above list. Every place holds a unique specialty and beauty, which will get your feet’s back to the spot again and again.

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