What can we learn from china to fight COVID-19?


The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak has resulted in a worldwide disaster, leaving heaps of dead, tens of millions vulnerable, deliver strains collapsed, economies failed, bussinesses shunted and countries under lockdown. It is an unanticipated disaster of epic proportions that has exposed human fragility in an interconnected world. Now the virus seems to over-occupying India as several tested positive for COVID-19. The question which occurs now is that- how can India overcome this pandemic with such a large population? We cannot ignore that in India at every kilometer lives almost 1000 people. Italy currently has world’s second best medical service and still the drastic situation clearly gives a warning to India who have been on 110th position in the list. If the virus outbreak in India on a serious note, how are we going to face it?

China, from where the radical virus begin named as COVID-19, Wuhan has been the worst hit. By mustering sources at its disposal and deploying the contemporary technology, America has mitigated the unfold to a sizable extent and profiled human beings at risk. During the time of the SARS outbreak back in 2002, it took scientists greater than 12 months to decode the genome of the virus, whereas way to tech advancements, the Covind-19 or the coronavirus genome was diagnosed in less than a month. So, here are the few ways how China is winning battle in opposition to this deadly strain!


China’s tip on coronavirus Or COVID-19?

Colour Coding:

Colour coding is an important procedure in the quarantine process, whether a person should be isolated or allowed in public spaces is decided by the shade code the person is having. Citizens ought to mandatorily log in to the app the usage of pay pockets offerings like Alibaba’s Alipay, Ant’s pockets etc. Only the ones people who have been given a green shade code are allowed in public spheres after the usage of the specific QR code at metro stations, offices, and other important crowd places. This way there will be least chance of providing fake ID cards to travel in public spaces. There are local checkpoints at maximum public locations where the code and their temperature is checked. More than 200 Chinese towns are using this system, and soon it’ll be prolonged nationwide. Just by colour coding half of the problem can be stopped. Now, some may argue that this is an extreme measure, but looking the vulnerability of the covid-19 outbreak, some extreme measures can prove worthy in a long run.

Robotics and Drones!

Now this isn’t something completely out of some sci-fi movie, instead a wonderful initiative in controlling human contacts. From making ready meals at hospitals, replacing waiters in restaurants, spraying disinfectants for cleaning purposes to vending food and shelling out hand sanitizers, robots are at the frontlines anywhere to prevent the unfold of the covid-19. In many hospitals, robots are also acting like doctors for conducting the thermal imaging of infected. Shenzhen based company Multicopter is using this process to transport clinical samples. Whereas per the drones, they are excellent in locating the infected people around. In many severely affected regions, this drone service had proven excellent in rescuing people by doing the necessary delivery services and also collecting the samples. This service also take care of whether people are wearing masks outside their homes or not and who is where being doing something not needed!

Artificial Intelligence:

If we talk about China, then leaving out artificial intelligence seems as foolish as it sounds. China has done a commendable job in controlling the virus outbreak through artificial intelligence. From face recognition to thermal checking, AI is doing a great job in providing health services. With the assist of statistics and predictive theories, medical specialists are capable to understand more about this virus.

Spread facts and promote the individuals behaviors:

Apart from the technology perspective, what we as an individual on ground level can do is to stop spreading the incorrect information by the use of reputable sources just like the CDC, WHO, or your state or local government. Do not spread any kind of rumours or false news at the time national crises. Also direct your friends and families on the Individual behaviours needed. This is a tough moment for everyone of us and we together have to face this crises! So, the best bit for all of us is to do everything possible on individual levels and also trust and support the authorities when needed. India can surely fight coronavirus!


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