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What does the ‘Grand’ in old age stands for?

Old age, a term related to wrinkles, memory loss, weakness and tons of wisdom and experiences describes the life cycle of a man from being a child to returning back to childhood. This cycle tells a story of happiness, love, separations, joy and depression. Grand in old age indeed means a lot of things! They are the great source of knowledge due to their experience and relatively are proved much better mentor of life. Even our parents tend to rely on them for various consultations. Though one reality also says that a lot of old people are thrown out of house by their children, we probably can also not ignore that a range of adults still feels blessed having their parents around them. But that’s a different topic, here in this article we will try to understand the perspective of our grandparents and know the typical Indian culture that comes with old age.

What does old age shapes you as?     

Grandparents can be a great deputy for parents, especially in the country like India where families generally follow the joint role. Our kids share a great bond with our parents, more than they love us- they love their grandparents. In many cases, this bond is deeper than the one between you and your own parents. Indian Grandparents love to pamper the grandchildren with all they have. They may buy those cakes, goodies, chocolates and almost anything their grandkids demand for! And apart from all this, our grandparents always have unique stories to tell. There is another reason why every child loves their grandparents because whenever there is a scuffle between the parents and their kids, the grandparents are always at our back. As a result we always have someone on our side forever!

This was all we talked about being ‘grand’ in either parents or children. Now, let’s talk about what shapes old age? What is the basic sketch you form of an old person? Probably having wrinkles, carrying wooden stick, chanting mantras and eating liquids? Right? But there is a lot more what we fails to recognize. Being in old age means returning back to childhood, the only difference is that this child is rich in wisdom. They may do things that resembles to that of your kids, like eating toffee’s or chocolates, showing interest in watching cartoons rather than news and craving your attention at the most. This is the main point- our parents needs our attention once they reach old age. We have seen a growing trend of providing servants to our parents and bragging that we love them. Instead the reality is that we all have been so busy with our day to day routine that we fails to spend time with our parents. They don’t need care, we emphasize this more- that your parents really don’t need your care, they just need your attention even if it’s for a minute. They crave your love. In this busy generation of hatred, selfishness and chaos, love is your only rescue. So, spend more time with them even if it’s just for moment, attend them with your full attention.

old age

Old age also resembles to that of a ‘woman on periods’. Yes! We are talking about mood swings, the mood swings in old people are eccentric to understand and complicated to deal with. Sometimes they may seem in full peace and the next moment they are in complete chaos. Our parent’s get irritated over small things and you may see them as being childish, but in realty this frustration is an outcome of a different issue. Dependency is a great problem with old age. As we have said earlier that it’s a stage where a person returns back to childhood, and thus needs your support for various things- and this dependency is exactly what makes them frustrated. Imagine, they have spent their whole life caring about you, being your support system and a mentor; and suddenly life throws them into a different sphere where the situation becomes vice versa. Even for small things, such as even going to bathroom they needs your help. So, it’s very much evident that their frustration isn’t out of nowhere.     

But living with old parents is slightly losing its way amid the hustle bustle of advancement. The beginning of 21st century saw a great increase in women work force, the young women detested the idea of being in a joint family. Living with the in-laws or being with your own parents was a big ‘NO’. The newly married couples wanted to enjoy their life alone and separate in their newly found freedom. Women education on the other hand has increased number of females to enter in the workforce. But the change come when these females started being a work women. If mothers or the females of the house would go out to work then what about kids, home, servants, and other housing necessities? So, be it out of choice or a compulsion, the joint family system, is gradually making a fair comeback. Where once we saw a great decay of joint system and an increased number of nuclear families, today fortunately we are stepping back in the past!  

Life is a complicated thing, just from the moment you are born, your death comes in handy and with complete uncertainty. Nobody knows when they are going to die, you may live 100 of years or even die the very next moment- this is the only thing that doesn’t comes with predictions. Death is the only reality of life, then rather fearing from it we should learn to accept it. Love as much as you can, care more than you do now and cherish your loved ones as if there’s no tomorrow. Live life with no regrets, old age results with the reality of death, so don’t miss a moment telling your parents that you love them. So, even if there’s no tomorrow you are content that you have done your all!

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