What’s inside the mind of a serial killer?

serial killer

Say it sociopath, psychopath or narcissist, but one can never be able to know for sure the serial killers or even similar traits. Do you know what a serial killer actually is? A manslayer is usually someone who kills 3 or additional individuals, sometimes in commission of abnormal psychological gratification, with the murders happening over a month and together with a big amount of time between them. Some of them are Ted Bundy or jack the ripper, you can google them for complete information.

Serial killer- The psychology

Starting with what’s inside the mind of a serial killer, it’s hard to say what lies inside their minds but as much as we researched we can say that all of them shows remarkable similarities. No matter what country, ethnicity, race, socioeconomic background, education, family background, they are all exactly the same. A chromosome abnormality seems to be the most likely trigger for all the serial killers. Most of the serial killer starts showing abnormality since they hit puberty. They are usually hard to detect because when out they are as normal as anyone else, they may be even a little more charismatic as seen with the case of Ted Bundy. But it’s not the complete story because when alone they are in their harshest behavior. They may have their first victim in their teen years, the problem is only that it is hard to predict or detect. But the most difficult thing is to know how a baby develops into a serial killer. Statistically, there is no evidence that anything that happened during childhood mostly turns people into serial killers, which means that the tendency could be deeply ingrained. Serial killers hunt in a variety of ways, they never develop an emotional attachment to their victims. Where an angered man may kill his wife’s lover out of jealousy, serial killers feel no such attachment to their victims. It’s also noticed that despite of having this personality they lead a very normal life, they may have a reputed job, well settled family and good friend circle. So, predicting what causes such state of mind is a tough task. Many researchers and psychologist still argues that what exactly is the cause of such a mindset and the results varies from person to person. So what we conclude is that they don’t have any serious trouble it’s only their fantasy for blood and cries same as like people have fantasies for love and happiness. It’s their deep ingrained desires to have a person suffer tragically in front of them. To better understand what goes inside their mind is to ask them basic questions like the one recently published in a magazine.

serial killer

Try answering this your self- In a family of 3 consisting of mother, elder daughter X and younger daughter Y, the mother dies one day. For her funeral comes all the relatives of their mother. Out of those people who attended the funeral, the elder daughter X falls in love at first sight with a one of the boy present among them. After the funeral ended, the boy goes away like all the other relatives. After a few days, the elder daughter X kills her little sister (the younger daughter Y). Why did she kill her sister?

What? Think? Well if she is psychopath the most probable answer could have been that, she killed her because that guy will have to come to attend her sister’s funeral again. But as a normal person even we thought it could be insecurity, property or anything else.

So, the question which now may arouse is that- how to prevent ourselves for falling prey to such people? Serial killers are “criminal minded” people and thus take a much planned path which makes it even harder to predict who is actually a psychopath in this world full of weird peoples. Psychopaths tend to be loners, so if a child who was once gregarious and outgoing becomes shy and antisocial, this could be an issue. Fire is power, and power and management are a part of the charm for serial killers, who fancy having their victims at their mercy. Also torturing animals can lead to this mentality. Kids who are aggressive and finds happiness while seeing someone at pain could be one of the earliest signs. These type of people are usually very smart but one thing which outstand them is their temper issues that’s why they are most likely to keep quitting jobs- look out for such behaviors. If possible do help them by consulting to a psychiatrist and if the problem seems too severe at the very least RUN AWAY!


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