Why is today’s society adjustable with growing crime rate?


Do you start each day with the mindset that you are prepared to handle whatever might happen that day?

Modern society, in spite of all its technological and scientific progress, is morally deficient, compared with past generations. One of the most widely cited failings, mentioned by both the atheist and the religious, is that society is becoming more and more violent. This can’t be blamed on anyone yet but on ourselves, morals are fading and ‘don’t give a damn’ is our global synonym. This, the 21st century witnessed the most brutal of crimes from daily suicide bombings, rapes, constant assaults, and thefts to terrorism. The ratio of population accused officially of criminality is increasing day by day. And guess what? We all are becoming super adjustable! Isn’t it? We don’t give a damn on what’s happening, even don’t have time to criticize it. But one thing we do brilliantly is blaming it on the government? Adapting changes is good thing but it also has a darker side as well. People today is so much comfortable with crimes happening in their neighborhood. They don’t even bat an eye on them. Crimes are building its room in the society with the advancement of technology. The tenants for it is also increasing side by side. We have to admit it, it has now emerged as a very fascinating and multi dollar industry. Youth is getting attracted to crimes on daily basis, thus bearing a risk of repercussions. To some extent the major reason behind it is that the criminals are using their trick of magic bullet, which means that the industry when looked from outer shell is seen as glittery and flowering. Crime industry is seen as quick money making business.

Globally the world is in danger. From water scarcity, pollution to poverty and economic depression- the list of issues are never ending. In a world full of risk – geopolitical upheaval, cyber-attacks, climate change and natural disasters, to name just a few – global leaders have to be prepared for the worst. Universal global organization- to its initial goals of safeguarding peace, protecting human rights, establishing the substructure for international justice and promoting economic and social progress, in the past few decades since its creation, the UN has added on some new challenges, such as climate change, refugees, Cancer and AIDS to name a few. The world’s population is ageing: virtually every country in the world is experiencing growth in the number and proportion of older persons in their population. While underdeveloped countries like Africa face rising population, many developed countries are facing other issues such as artificial intelligence or bio-engineered diseases. The world is at the edge of so many disasters yet a very less emphasis is laid by us.

We avoid getting trapped in the cycle of economic challenges but forget that we are itself the part of it. Everyone wants a corruption free country but everyone pays bribe to get their work done. Everyone wants their cities to be clean and beautiful; but same themselves throws garbage on the streets. Everybody wants caste free and religion unbiased nation but everyone brags about lower and upper. Isn’t that what we call hypocrites? We are living in a society who doesn’t wants to do anything yet wants the world to be their way. That can’t be possible. Com’on lets be more practical about these issues. Without taking any initiative the world can’t change. We are not asking you to do everything, you are not superman of course! but at least you can do one thing which you actually can and that one thing can make a lot of difference. We always tend’s to sit back and satisfy ourselves by thinking that someone somewhere is doing something but that’s not the case. Why don’t we go out do something by our own? One can’t be recognized by sitting ideally in their homes, unless and until you get out of your comfort zone.


Crime: A problem with a solution

We have to do something regarding this otherwise it would be too late to do anything. There is still time left in our hands, so if we take a stand there’s still a solution. Along with the governmental organizations it is important for the people to show some concern and contribute effectively in the process of recovery. This needs to be improved anyway and this is not only about government initiatives and policies, but we as a public also needs to show a proper concern about this and do something regarding it. The first thing we can do is blocking the roads and gates of our neighborhood for crime and other criminal activists to enter. Educate our children about morality and what is wrong, show them the darker side of crime industry, teach them to not adapt themselves to negative changes but revolt against it and standstill with what is right. We need to stop the society of getting used to of crime no matter how up the rate rises, because we truly believe that only when we all will be revolting against them together, the rate will definitely decrease drastically. Crime and society is dependent on each other and both resides together, the matter of debate is that whether you let criminal existence give plat form to spread or do homicide of it. The choice is completely on us. This is our world and we are its tenant, it’s our responsibility to look after it and repair it in times of need. There are so many issues prevailing in our society and we don’t know why no one is talking about it? Global issues which require global solutions. We don’t have to accept problems, we can work together to solve them. Think, study and understand how much difference your one step can make in this world full of crime.


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