World cancer day 2020

World cancer day

Do you know that Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally! World Cancer Day is an international day celebrated on 4th February each year to spread awareness about cancer and encourage prevention, detection, and the following treatments. The most prevalent cancers among Indian population are lung, breast, cervical, head and neck and colorectal cancer. According to WHO almost one-third of deaths from cancer are due to the 5 leading behavioral and dietary risks such as high body mass index, less fruit and vegetable consumption, lack of physical fitness, obviously the tobacco use, and alcohol use! Do you know that unsafe sex too is the main risk factor for cervical cancer that is the second most leading cancer type in females? It also includes the high chances of lung cancer to tobacco use and air pollution.

According to the ICMR, more than 1300 people die every day due to cancer in India. The death rate due to cancer increased by approximately 6% between the years 2012 and 2014. Around 478,180 deaths out of 2,934,314 cases reported in 2012 alone! And that’s the huge number!

Theme for world cancer day in 2020

The campaign theme for 2020 world cancer day is “I Am and I Will”, which in itself boost the motivation about overcoming the disease and countering this epidemic. This theme suggest to penetrate more motivation among the cancer patients and pull off all the negative vibes from them. Cancer happens due to many reasons like abnormal growth of cells inside our tissues or organs which further accumulate into cancer. Now cancer isn’t of only of one type instead there are various types of cancer which includes breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer etc.

Healthy lifestyle and proper diet can help reduce the risk of cancer in to our day to day lives.

World cancer day

Apart from this, a data by WHO states that India will have 1.16 million new cases of cancer this year and more than 50% of these will be diagnosed in females! Or it can be said that almost 17,204 more women will fall prey to cancer than males. Breast cancer occurrences has raised by 39.1% between 1990 and 2016 accounting for the largest crude incidence rate and prevalence of any cancer type, says the Lancet report. Not even this, the roots of cancer had deeply entrenched in India that today unfortunately we have region wise types of cancer! The worst affected regions are Uttar Pradesh with almost 674,386 cases of cancer, Maharashtra with 364,997 and followed by Bihar with 359,228. Whereas in Southern parts of India, Tamil Nadu is with 222,748 cancer cases, Karnataka with 202,156, Andhra Pradesh with 159,696 and Kerala with 115,511 cases of cancer. For example in the North Eastern region pf India, the incidence of cancer is highest among the both sexes. There are higher cases of stomach cancer in Chennai and Bengaluru, whereas oesophagus cancer cases is high in Kashmir. In regions of Punjab, breast cancer among women is most common type of cancer. In fact, in Majha region of Punjab, there is probably no house without a patient of breast cancer! You can easily detect around 25 to 30 breast cancer patients in a month in this region as compared to 15 cases a decade ago. Cancer is one of the most prevalent disease in India and thus we immediately needs a system where, forums to talk about such issues and accumulate a solution is available.

Raising awareness about cancer and improving education system can certainly help us combat the issue, we need to catalyze personal as well as collective action and work together to make a world where people are no more scared of cancer, a world where millions of preventable cancer deaths can be saved and access to effective cancer treatment and care is equally available for everyone despite of who they are. Concerns must be raised especially in rural areas where there is little or no access to correct treatments and a vast majority of people die from the illness. Call for action includes awareness on individual levels as well as inter knowledge exchange among the peer society. Companies, government, investors and people- all have to work together in controlling the risks and strengthen the implementation of the proven cancer control measures contained in the WHO Convention for cancer Control. It is vitally important that the communal obstacles be punctured and all the segments of the society are made aware of the evils of this disease.   


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