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The impact of fashion on our day to day life

Fashion has always been the hot topic of the world. Not only the modern world but we have seen fashion influencing the world from generations. You love it or hate it- fashion is always there, irrespective of what you like. Have you ever woke up and gone to work in your night dress? NEVER! Have you ever walked along without brushing your hairs? NEVER! Have you ever just stopped and thought what are you wearing? Chances are YES. We always look up to what we are wearing. I don’t think that today anyone of us will like to carry the 90’s trend of clothes, may be some might prefer but with of course a modern touch. We see numerous people every day, but struck our eyes on one person most of the time, may be of the good looks but mostly checking what the other person is wearing. Have you ever gotten inspired by the look of your colleague and tried to reciprocate the same? Of course we all do that. That’s what fashion is! The immense impact that fashion has on today’s culture and daily life is evident everywhere you turn.

But who actually set the trend?

Who are the actual trend makers? From whom do you inspire to create your look like? The television, the stylists, the designers and the models and actresses. These people are our major drive to fashion. What the actress wore in her movie is available in the market the very next day and the surprisingly the stocks runs out in just a wink. That’s the craze of looking good. Do you remember the hair style carried by Salman Khan in the movie “Tere Naam”? 70% boys of that time were wearing the same look. The dress of Alia Bhat in “Student of the Year”, got viral the very next day. Probably the look you create for yourself might be already created by someone else. But the main suppliers of trend are not actors and actresses, but the stylists. They set the hottest style you would die for. They ensure that the clothes they like are seen on them before they are mass-marketed. Once the style trickles down to the everyday woman or man, the fashion innovators and leaders are already on to their next concoction. May be that’s why today there’s whole different industry solely focusing upon fashion. Fashion industry is growing like yeast, covering every corner it could.

Every day we wonder “what can I do to enhance my looks?”, and in the same process run to look our best. If we had a scar we hide them with make-up, you have a wonky nose, and you’d probably go down for a surgery. Many stars that we aspire to look like have already had their surgeries. That’s what the whole scenario is like- deeply entrenched into our day to day walks of life. Fashion is indeed a big part of all of our lives. The teenagers seem to be more fashionable than the adults now. In fact, the newer generation can be good trendsetters themselves. We have seen numerous kids going out creating their own blogs and introducing their own trend. Today the social media world is ruled mainly by the Fashion bloggers. Every next girl wants to become one like them. And that’s how crazy the youth is over fashion. We don’t want to stick to a single look for more than a month, we all want to try something different time to time. Because the look you are carrying today can go out of trend the next day. Like if you are a bell bottom fan today but will be tomorrow as well is quite questionable. Choices changes as we explore the options. The new things which are good of course always makes us say goodbye to the old ones- that’s the human nature.  

indian fashion,india,indianness

For many centuries, people had designed creative fashion that has some ambiguous message behind the stylish clothing they wore. People really says that they wear what they like to- which is absolutely true but don’t we keep in mind the trend of the point. People want to always look the odd between the evens which means that they wanted to be the center of attraction. Today fashion is the epitome of life, today it is more of than just a trend. And why not? Who doesn’t wants to look good? Maintaining what we look like or even enhancing them depends totally on the individual choice. None the less fashion is important to be there in our society to actually keep up the pace and having a possibilities of new thing to try each time.                     

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