ARDEA Foundation to organise “11 Days for Earth’s Healing” Movement on May 1, 2022

ARDEA Foundation is going to kick start its mega ecological movement ‘11 Days for Earth’s Healing’ starting May 1, 2022, its second milestone in a row.

Through the campaign ’11 Days For Earth’s Healing’ ARDEA Foundation aims to draw the attention of world leaders and collectively take action towards environmental concerns and start investing in shared prosperity for all. It aims to heal mother nature and at least slow down the devastating effects of climate change.

With this initiative, ARDEA Foundation wishes people from all walks of life to come together to participate in ecological activities. It proposes businesses and offices convert one of their monthly holidays into a workday and in return bank 11 holidays into their yearly calendar as a small part of their contribution toward earth’s healing. This way the working class will not be disturbed, and people can refrain from producing carbon footprints for at least 11 days in a row.

Additionally, individuals can take 11 days off or work from home between May 1 to May 11 every year and spend time with their family, reclaim their lost passion, as the foundation aims to bring everyone to a common ground to protect the earth.

ARDEA Foundation is a brainchild of Zunaid Memon, who is already well established and known for his extensive work as an advertising professional, a filmmaker, and the founder of India’s first agriculture channel ‘Green TV’, now brings 11DEFH as a part of his extended social entrepreneurship. And as much the cause is social, it is as well as personal because Mr. Memon has been relentlessly contributing to slowing down the effects of climate change and 11DEFH is one step ahead in that direction.

Its mission is to transform the human-environment relationship and restore the lost bond between the man and mother nature. ARDEA Foundation is deeply committed to building a sustainable future for all, are you?

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